Dive Pulau Dua, South of Lembeh

Dance in The Water

I had a chance to explore Pulau Dua recently. This my first around the island. Top side of the island is very clean and beautiful( no one stay on this island, only some local fisherman stop by for relaxing). Underwater coral and scenery not bad. Healthy coral and full of coral fish.

Plan to coming back again this February. Hopefully next time can see a shark as people told. 😛

Glass Fish and Soft Coral
Glass Fish and Soft Coral

At 18m Depth. Viz is so good
My Fav at shallow. Coral as Main Subject, Boat as Mid Subjet and Sunray as 3rd Subject. Blue and water as background

3 Comments Add yours

  1. rezeki says:

    salam nazir

    alhamdulillah, nice picture
    sungguh indah ciptaan Allah , subahanallah

    1. naziramin says:

      terima kasih bang..

  2. hanis says:


    cantik sungguhhhh

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