Syed & Jasmine Wedding – Puteri Pacific Johor (part 1)

Sarung Cincin

This my first experience shooting for wedding event. To be honest im not into this kind of photography(more interest to animal and nature hehehe). Btw already do my best to deliver my job for my them.

Choosing grey, black & white and low tone effect for my the post processing. Giving a good mood for the viewer eyes and match with their wedding theme.

The wedding held in a 3 places.

Kuching Sarawak – Traditional Chinese wedding ceremony ( I miss this)

Putri Pacific Johor – Simple Malay Muslim ceremony(Cover the whole event)

Uluwatu Bali – A wedding party(partly did my shootout here, will add later)

Akad Nikah
The Bride
Bacaan Doa

4 Comments Add yours

  1. hanis says:


    wauuuu cantik….tahniah walaupon pengalaman pertama…tapi semua gambar cukup mengagumkan…..

  2. hanis says:


    tahniah abang…walaupon cubaan yg pertama….anda berjaya…semua gambar2 nie cantik….mesti pengantin2 tu suka….

  3. Mat says:

    nice set

  4. naziramin says:

    Salam Hanis,

    Jangan lah abang2. malu ler hehehe.. kita budak2 baru belajor.. kalau tak betol mintak tunjukkan


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