Syed & Jasmine Wedding – Uluwatu, Bali (part 2)

Syed & Jasmine Wedding - Wedding Shootout

A day after the JB ceremony done. We make a trip to Bali. For another wedding party. The party held in Uluiwatu.I can say the place is one of the most romantic and amazing location for this event.

Some work during wedding photo shootout 🙂

Lovely Couple
Couple 2

4 Comments Add yours

  1. hanis says:

    pengantin yg sama yg sebelum nie ke??? wauuuu kayanyaa depa…siap leh p wat wedding party kat bali lak…

    1. naziramin says:

      hehehe.. dah rezeki diorang kan..

  2. hanis says:

    tp…gambar yg 1st tu….hanis rasa pari2 mereka lg gelamor drpd mereka…hahahaha…

    1. naziramin says:

      memangpon hehehehe..

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