After 2800km


Alhamdulillah, finally we reached home after done around 2800km journey around West Malaysia.

Photo opportunity?? not much.. since i just accompany a friend visiting his relatives and friends and ???? . Btw it very relaxing and enjoyable trip. Meeting all good people and place. Thanks for the invitation bro! 😛

Trip Computer Data

Trip Fact :

Adometer : 2763km (Suppose 2800+ KM, some of the journey have to off my GPS due to battery)

Max Speed : 136Km/H (We drive very slow-mostly around 100km/h, spent much time chit chatting, gossiping, listening to thai and rock minang music hehehe)

Total Journey on road : 70H 31m


5 Comments Add yours

  1. cikgu mas says:

    salam brother nazir

    i like spent my time chatting n gossiping like u and ur freind,joommmm!!!tell me about
    “visiting his relatives and freind and????????..”hehehe ????? tu cikgu tak faham…cuba stori bg clear sikitttt…

    1. naziramin says:

      ermm hehehe.. bole2.. tunggu lar gamba kontrevesi keluar.. then u will know… 😛

  2. hanis says:

    Alhamdulillah semuanya selamat …..

  3. rezeki says:

    salam nazir

    he he he ni 2 jantan bergosip-gosipan ngeh ngeh ngeh

    1. naziramin says:

      biasa lar.. sekali sekala.. jantan pon tau gosip2 apa

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