Underwater Photo Outing at Layang-Layang Island, Sabah Part 1

Aerial View, Pulau Layang
Aerial View, Pulau Layang

Actually this one of y old trip. 7 days 6 nights  underwater photo shootout trip at Layang-Layang Island Sabah. Being and shooting with more than 30 amature and professional underwater photographer coming from around the world is one of precious experience. So many thing to learn with all of them.

They will be another shootout for this coming July. Since i plan to be around KK during that month. If time and money permitted i will join the shootout again.

Now i need to feed more my yellow bear hehehee

L2 Signboard
L2 Island Resort Signboard
My room
My Room.. 2 queen size bed, 1 for myself and 1 for the camera hehehe
The Dive Master giving briefing to Spain Group
Layang-Layang Island Resort Pool
The Jetty
Photography Talk at night
Japanese Photographer Wearing their traditional dress
Evening in L2

Next i will try to share some underwater photo taken in L2


14 Comments Add yours

  1. rezeki says:

    salam bung nazir

    nampak cantik resortnya, kata org pulau ni syurga penyelam

    kalau menyelam pakai kain pelikat boleh tak he he he

    1. naziramin says:

      Salam Pak Rezeki.

      bisa pak kalo mau nyelem pake kain sarung. gampang-gampang aja

  2. silversarina says:


    That resort looks superb … 2 queen beds huhh , how lucky was your camera 🙂

    Can’t wait to view the pictures taken .

    1. naziramin says:

      Salam Kak,

      i will. tunngu ehhh

  3. Salam anaknda Nazir,

    Selamat dunia akhirat.

    1. naziramin says:

      Salam ayahanda

      terima kasih.

  4. cikgu mas says:


    aduuh dik dapat 2 katil kt resort tu,satu katil untuk mu satu katil lg untuk camera!!!,laaa kalau abg aji azli share bilik dgn nazir,mesti dia kn tido kat sofa kan,fuuuuh sungguh istimewa layanan untuk camera tu

    1. naziramin says:

      ohhh kalau time ni kena tido kat lantai lah. sebab sofa reserved for backup camera and other toys hehehee

  5. Rosli says:

    Salam Bro,

    Cantik semua pemandangan tu….mesti sejuk kat dalam air tu kan…

    1. naziramin says:

      Salam Rosli

      takderlah . suam2 jer air kat sana

  6. manzlie says:

    salam nazir..

    what a nice place to visit..? better put in my Calendar….


    1. naziramin says:

      Salam abg aji
      Jom jom. July kita pi

  7. Atikah says:


    Wow! kamera mendapat layanan istimewa 2… queen size bed 4 the camera…

    1. naziramin says:

      Salam Tikah

      hehehehe dah nama duduk bilik sorng2. suruh kamera tido katil sebelah ler

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