Glow in the dark underwater photography

Tool For My Florescent Images

Salam and Good day,

Few friend had asking me on how do i take the florescent photo. I want to share the tool im using. Ican just refer them to here later hehehehe.. (malas nak ckp ulang2 hehehe)

For more information about the filter please check

Now my hand very itchy to get 58mm yellow filter hehehehe

My Filter Set (From left to right)

The filter set(From Left to Right)

1. Yellow filter – attached to camera. use to correct blue light and turn coral to floresent

2. Blue filter – Attached to strobe or torch light. just with blue filter we can see some glowing coral

3. UV Filter – the C-lite underwater torch light filter size. if we want to see the effect under UV light. But my strobe not power full enough to try this

4. Mask filter. – work same as No 1. but for our the diving mask. to correct our eye. I can see everything glow in the dark with this heheheh 🙂

Yellow filter attached to camera housing. But i found the stripe a bit arritating. Need to do some adjustment later
Blue Filter on my strobe light
Side view of my strobe light with blue filter(blue filter already customize to DS-125 size)
Blue Filter.. very simple yeah.. but it cost USD 150.. ouchh
UV Filter
This how to attached yellow filter to diving mask

With all this filter set. I think it will going to cost us around USD 600..ouchh.. vely vely expensive lor

Btw i like to thanks to Jolyn (Marine Researcher from Singapore) for giving me this set for FREE hehehe..


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Atikah says:

    Salam Nazir,
    Murah rezeki… dpt FREE tu… saya nk free diving boleh?? hehehe

  2. rezeki says:

    salam bung

    bapak tgk filternye aje udh pening , belum menyelam lagi hehe

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