How to create a sunrays

School of Jakcfish taken in Pulau Weh Acheh, Indonesia

Salam and Good Day,

Again, i received some request of how do i make a fake sun rays. So here i want to share the step i have done.

Enjoy 😛

Original Photo
1. Create New Layer. Go to Menu >New > Layer or shortcut key Ctrl+Shift+N
2.New layer window popup. Change the name to SunRaysEffect. Change blend mode to Overlay (You may choose soft light, this may change again later). Tick "Fill with Overlay-neutral color (50% gray). And press OK
3. New grey layer created.
4. Next step is create the cloud.With SunRays layer still selected. Go to Menu, Click Filter>Render>Cloud

The Cloud Effect will become something like this. Press Ctrl+F to render again the cloud until you satisfied the result
6. Next step is to add Radial Blur effect. with SunRays still selected. Goto Menu, Press Layer > Blur >Radial Blur
7. Radial Blue Property Window will popup. Change the Blur method to Zoom. Adjust the blur amount. depending of the amount of sun rays effect for the photo. Then move the blur center to your light source or desired location of sun rays you want. And press OK
8. Radial Blur Result
9. Resize and Move Sun Rays layer. I found the sun rays does not look proper. Press Ctrl+T to resize the sun rays layer and reposition by dragging the layer.
10. Create Layer Mask. Also found the sun rays is spreading all over image and look not interesting. Some of the rays have to be clear. With SunRaysLayer is selected. Click the small icon(as picture above) in layer pallete to create Layer Mask
11. New layer mask is created. You can see white box beside the Sun Rays Layer.
12. We will start cleaning the image. In the toolbox, make sure the foreground color is black and background is white. Then select the brush tool. Or Press B shortcut key
13. Then start clean the image. Remove the Sun Rays until we satisfied the result
14. Do the cleaning until you satisfy the result. You may adjust the brush opacity during the cleaning. Press Tab button to hide the toolbox and Panel window. And Ctrl+0 to full size view.

That all. Now i already create my own sun rays using photoshop.Anyone have a question or suggestion about the tutorial can email me at

P/S : Please apologize for the very bad grammar and english :P. Hope everybody can understand the tutorial hehehehe


9 Comments Add yours

  1. manzlie says:

    salam nazir…

    tak faham la apa makna semua tuh..hhhehee..bukan pro sangat..hp camera boleh lah…


    1. naziramin says:

      Salam CL,

      hehehe.. ni utk kawan2 yang nak belajar cara buat sun rays. Senang orang nak refer nanti.


  2. Atikah says:

    Salam nazir…
    Perkongsian yg bagus… senang nk faham…

  3. salam anaknda Nazir,

    The truth is ‘my days are over’.
    Pasai camera ayahnda surrender awal2 lagi.

    Moga anaknda berjaya seterusnya.


    1. naziramin says:

      Salam Ayahanda..

      Terima Kasih

  4. rezeki says:

    salam bung nazir

    bapak udah meninggalkan pekerjaan edit mengedit ni lama sungguh hehehe kalau nak praktikkan balik kena mengadap balik krn dulu punya software tak sama mcm sekarang

  5. hanis says:

    uhuhuhu….tak faham ape2….hanis sama laaa cam CL & ayahanda….
    camera oh camera…

  6. hanis says:

    yang ku tahu dihadapan camera…SENYUMMMMMMMM 😉

    1. naziramin says:

      Salam Hanis..

      bunyi macam “ada aku kisah” hehehhee

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