Transit Makassar : Bantinurung Bulusaraung National Park

Bantinurung Bulusaraung National Park

After did a tour around town. Asking for something natural place. The driver brought me to visit the national park

About Bantimurung
Bantimurung means a place for getting rid of sadness (membanting kemurungan). The spectacular waterfall is located at the valley of the steep limestone hill with its fertile tropical vegetation which makes this area an ideal habitat for the types of butterflies and birds that are famous for their small number.

Before entering the waterfall location, visitors can see a statue of a kind of monkey (lutung), about 6 cm tall. This kind of animal can only be found in Sulawesi and Kalimantan.

From the waterfall, visitors can go up to see the lake on top, but there are many sharp corals on the way there. The lake is so blue with many flying butterflies around it.

In 1858-1857, a prominent English naturalist, Alfred Russel Wallace spent all of his life that are enjoyed in this area to catch numerous types of rare butterflies, birds, and insects. Among the butterflies he caught, there was the Papilo Androcles type, one of the rarest and biggest type of butterfly that has a tail like a swallow. A detailed explanation concerning this area has attracted the attention of archeologists, prehistoric, and insects experts.

The waterfall and surrounding areas is a popular picnic area and it is a pleasant area for roaming around, swimming and enjoying the attractive sceneries. Around the waterfall area, there are sold many specimen of butterflies for souvenirs. From the waterfall one can take a ride to the National Park which is close by, through the limestone mountain chain.

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National Park Gate
The Waterfall
Park - Panorama

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Another angle of the surau
Survinor Stall
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