Lang Tengah Day Trip


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Lang Tengah is one of the beautiful island in Trengganu. The sunset scenery is very amazing. Soft and white sand. clean and quiet beach.

This spot is not really popular among the diver. My self also cannot comment much. Because i only did 2 dives at sandy area last time. We not explore the Lang Tengah underwater yet.

Currently 3 resorts(soon to be 4) operating in the island. and only 1 resort have a scuba diving facilities here.

  1. Lang Sari Resort (Budget)
  2. Coconut Resort
  3. Redang Lang Tengah Resort (budget)(dive operator)
  4. Sari Facifica (Opening soon)

Getting there : From Kuala Trengganu(KT), take another 45-60 minutes drive to Merang Jetty (dont get confuse with Marang). There a parking area around the Jetty. Parking fare is RM5 per night per car.
*how to get to KT, google lah hehehe…

Recently, We been invited to Lang Tengah. Being offered to run the dive operation here. The dive center will run at Sri Pacifica Resort. A 5++ star luxury resort. They going to launch soft opening in June.

Btw we have to let go the offer πŸ˜€


11 Comments Add yours

  1. abanglong says:

    bro… satu blog gambar yg sangat menarik πŸ™‚

    saya budak baru belajar DSLR
    mintak tunjuk ajar yer….

    1. naziramin says:

      Salam Abang Long..

      Terima kasih sebab minat.. saya pon masih banyak kena belajar lagi..

      btw boleh jer nak share sedikit2 pasal kamera ni. nanti senang2 boleh jumpa or pergi outing sama2

  2. manzlie says:

    salam from Makkah…

    cantikknyer resort tuh…should go next month…


    1. naziramin says:

      salam CL…

      yup memang cantik.. but i cannot afford to stay there.. a 5++ star resort.

  3. pak itam says:

    salam bung

    tu kekanda cakap mesti pegi next month hehehe bilalah next month dia hihihi

    nanti satu hari pak itam nak pi outing dgn bung nazir hehehe

    1. naziramin says:

      Salam pak Itam..

      tak mampu lah teman.. agak mahal rate dia hehehe

      boleh2.. kita layan outing kat HC ok juga

  4. kak chiq says:

    Salaam Nazir,
    pernah pegi ke Lang Tengah more than 10 years ago… masa tu not well known lagi, even orang Ganu yang kami jumpa di KT pun tak tahu pasal pulau ni..hehe…a beautiful island indeed! it was featured in a “Mild Seven” commercial…ingat tak iklan tu? πŸ™‚
    don’t know about the diving spots but the snorkeling sites that the guide took us was simply out of this world! subhanallah, cantiknya ciptaan Tuhan.
    Rasa macam nak pegi lagi laa… kena blajar berskuba dengan Nazir dulu lah….boleh ker? kasi diskaun lebey skit arr, towkei…heheh πŸ˜‰


    1. naziramin says:

      Salam Kak Chiq…

      ada ingat iklan mild seven dulu..

      boleh nak belajar scuba.. jom lah join kelas kitorang.. discount ermmm.. kena tanya boss dulu hehehe

  5. yeah, ur post surely makes readers want to go to Lang Tengah. i’ll be there, promise, i’ll be there by the time my pocket becomes so thick. wahahahahaha.

    1. naziramin says:

      Hi arulchandrana

      yup.. you should go.. the island is really amazing

  6. wow, ur post makes readers want to visit Lang Tengah soon. well, i’ll be there, promise, i’ll be right there by the time my pocket gets so thick. wahahahah

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