Puzzle Effect

Puzzle Effect

Learn creating puzzle effect recently. Tutorial can be found here and i combine with the artistic photo frame on it 🙂
Original tutorial written by Steve Patterson


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  1. manzlie says:

    salam from makkah…

    cantikknyer…so beautiful


  2. pak itam says:

    salam bung
    puzzle heheeh

    pak itam tahu main dadu je mcm berahim pendek tu heheheh

    masri kita lihat siapa yg kena hehehe

    lusa free tak, boleh gi mengeteh hehehe

  3. kak chiq says:

    Salaam Nazir,
    Super model mentadak tu mesti “puzzled” tengok gambor dia jadik lagu tuh…heheh 😉

    tumpang lalu bung,
    hah! dah agak dah! Pak Itam yang suka main dadu…. kata kak chiq pulaks, ishk 3x… 😉


  4. assalaualaikum (again). wow great, subhanallah, how do you make all those great picts? wahahaha, i envy ur skill (and ur camera as well)

    1. naziramin says:

      Hi Arul..


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