CL Does Diving

CL already in the water

Did my open water dive training. Because of my best friend around. Invited him to join the training. It really fun to teach them. Btw CL, When you going to continue the training, your classmate already become certified diver. 😛

Equipment Briefing
Equipment assemble skill
equipment done.. everybody get ready to experiance diving equipment
CL with his two classmate

6 Comments Add yours

  1. manzlie says:

    I am coming back soon….just wait ok……heheheheheheh


    1. Nazir Amin says:

      ok i do.. hehehe

  2. banggolderdap says:

    salam nazir and CL,

    Aduh, sempat lagi diving.


    1. Nazir Amin says:

      Salam Ayahanda,

      hehehe.. kena paksa tuh..

  3. abe says:


    Mcm mana nak book pool session ni ya? Ni kat cheras kan?


    1. Nazir Amin says:

      Salam Abe,
      Boleh direct pergi ke pool tersebut. or call Mejar Ki 0122033192

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