Panasonic Lumix TZ-10 Tryout


Im Exploring the capability of compact camera underwater. Given opportunity to try out LUMIX TZ-10 by friend(thanks Kamal). The setup is simple, only camera and underwater housing (no strobe or any other extension). After take a while hand on the camera on land. So i bring down to play with it.

Some of my shot with TZ-10

Moray eel hiding under the rock
Snorkeliing after dive
Bat fish

My opinion TZ-10 is one of good camera to use underwater. Result can be amazing. Its take time for me to understand the button and functionality but with auto setting it still can produce amazing color and sharpness of the image.

Small size of the camera is easy to transport and keep.

Overall the camera is good for beginner (and snorkeler too) . If we take time to learn and study the camera, i believe the amazing shot can be produce using it. 😛

Underwater housing (DMZ-TZ10)

The price of the camera and housing is between RM 2100-RM 2300 (depends on how good we bargain hehehe)


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