Puerto Galera at a glance

Boat to Puerto Galera


After a night at Manila. We headed to Puerto Galera(PG) next day. To get to PG we must take boat via Bantangas. Land transfer from Manila to Batangas take about 2 hour (can me more when heavy traffic).

From Batangas to PG will be another 45 minutes boat ride. I think the ticket will be around RM 50 one way (include boat fare, citizen fee and jetty fee)

Very Confortable boat ride
Welcome to Puerto Galera
Badladz Resort

During our 5 days in PG, we stay and dive with Badladz Resort. Very cozy and relaxing. Every room have aircondition, hot shower and cable tv. Their restaurant serve Mexican food (unfortunately not halal). And the staff/crew is very friendly

The resort located in Bayan (Mean main town in Tagalog) of PG. Shopping, bank, clinic etc can be done here. To get around the island we can hire a tricycle taxi, rent a motorbike or jeep.Rental a motorbike cost about Peso 600 per day (around RM50) with full tank of Petrol. If you good in negotiation, we can get about half of the price.

View from Resort
The restaurant
Peacefull Evening

Im having few trip to Philippines coming this year. Anyone interested to join me exploring Philippines or get information about Philippines can write email to nazir4321@gmail.com.



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