FRIM MTB Trail Via Sg Buloh Hospital

Peek of Pinus Trail aka Helipad

Recent ride done last Saturday, exploring FRIM via Sg Buloh Hospital. Total distance 30km. Duration 2h30m

Thank to Mr Dzul and few riders meet last weekend for the trail guide.

Trail Guide:

1. Park at Old Sg Buloh Kusta Hospital. From the parking area, take right exit to the back gate of the hospital then pass the nursery area (alternatively use main entrance and head to nursery area)

2. Straight until find the T-junction, turn left and head to Kg. Bukit Lagong (if using main road. just straight). Afterward can see the mosque at our right

3. Once entering the Kg area. Just head straight. until see a triangle shape junction to left. Keep moving straight. About 50m ahead. we can see a vegetables garden on the right. Turn into the garden.

4. From here, climb be uphill hiking until see the FRIM signboard. Follow the trail will exit to steroid hill (to right).

Climbing to Pinus Peak
Climbing to Pinus Peak 2

Group of riders, help us to find the route. Thanks guys
Pinus Peek
End of the ride.. fuhhh

10 Comments Add yours

  1. I really appreciate your post and you explain each and every point very well.Thanks for sharing this information.And I’ll love to read your next post too.
    Android Phones

  2. Kamaruzaman Ahmad says:

    Thanks for the info on FRIM trail…It has been 2 years since my last ride (due tail bone injury la..ouucch!!)..Hope to explore FRIM this saturday..3/3/12

    1. Nazir Amin says:

      your welcome.. maybe we can ride together in the future.. 😛

  3. Chuang says:

    Can you mapping out the whole routes (google map etc)? I’m a runner. Can we run on this?

    1. Nazir Amin says:

      Let me check if i have gpx format for google earth/map.
      Yess runner should able to run this trail. Just carefull with bikers

  4. Jonesy says:

    Many Thanks for this post. I am new to MTB Scene in Malaysia and am looking for good trails to ride. will take a look this weekend. (And hopefully will not get lost)

    1. Nazir Amin says:

      Hi Jonesy,
      how your attempt on the trail. manage to find the entrance?

  5. lee says:

    To all concern, today 15Mar2015 ride along Pinus Trail and see Lots of fences are building up across Pinus Trail. Also, the gate is already built. Someday, this trail might not be passage… maybe the authority can firmed? Reserve forrest maybe getting smaller. Ride, job, or trek while you can till you meet the fence someday…
    by fcflee 4 hours ago

  6. lee says:

    Mar2015 – SG Buloh also has a gate now. The opportunity is closing soon (maybe), ride while you can. Bulldozers were pushing land on 07Mar2015

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