GoPro HD Hero 2

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GoPro attached to Helmet

Just got myself the new GoPro HD Hero 2 camera. This camera is purposely build for outdoor activity. Small, light and simple. 2 button on the camera for shutter release and on/off. And i shoot full hd video + 11 mp still photo.

Another reason i decided to this cam, it come with waterproof  housing(197 feet/60m) as standard accessories. Will bring it down underwater soon.

GoPro Hero2

The features:

HD Video Resolution:
1080p – (1920 x 1080) / 16:9, 30fps

Field of View Options:

  • 170° Ultra Wide Angle
  • 127° Semi-Wide Angle

960p (1280 x 960) / 4:3 | 48fps (Slow motion) | 30 fps | 170° Ultra Wide Angle
720p(1280 x 720) / 16:9 | 60fps (slow motion) | 30fps | 170° Ultra Wide Angle
WVGA: (848×480) / 16:9  | 60fps(Slow motion) | 170° Ultra Wide Angle

11MP, 8MP + 5MP Photos
Photo Capture modes: Single Photo/Photo Burst(10 Photos in 1 second)/ Time-lapse every 0.5*, 1, 2, 5, 10, 30 or 60 Seconds/ Self-timer

The camera came with different edition. Which is Outdoor, motorsport and few more i think (check for info). The different is accessories given. I bought the outdoor edition, suite to my need.

GoPro HD Hero 2 Outdoor Edition

My quick try out:

Still Image

170° ultra wide angle view - indoor
170° ultra wide angle view - indoor

Video 720p:



3 Comments Add yours

  1. BAPAK ITAM says:

    salam bung


    nampak gaya tak jadi le d7000 dgn 10.5 lens tu hehehe

    1. Nazir Amin says:

      heheh jadi jadi.. tunggu sign job baru dan kamera turun balik herge 😛

  2. is this available in Malaysia?

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