Kemensah Trail to Kubang Gajah Waterfall



Kemansah-Air Terjun Kubang Gajah Trail

Went to explore the trail today. The trail very short. About 4km to the waterfall and mostly steep and slippery uphill hike.

Elevation Detail

Trail Detail:

Distance : 8.08km (return)
Elevation Gain: 403m
Total Time: 2h7m34s (including relaxing at the waterfall, clock around 35 minutes to get into waterfall, and around 30minutes to turn back)
Max Speed: 42.2Km/h
Average Speed: 10km/h

Steep uphill, very hard to ride

Guide to the waterfall (for hikers or cyclist):

  • By Car: Get to Zoo Negara. Just behind the Zoo Negara theres a place call Kemansah. Keep drive until the recreational area. Find the parking around the area. (**for this trip i use different road, via friend house located at ukay perdana)
  • Follow the tarmac road, uphill to the Pusat Budaya Melayu Baru. Around 100m before the Pusat Budaya Melayu Baru find the left exit to the off road. From here will be steep and slippery road. Follow the road until the waterfall.
  • All the way to the waterfall, we will notice the waterfall signboard. So is hard to get lost here.
  • This trail is shared with the ATV, motor cross and villagers. Always listen for incoming vehicle. The road is small and slippery. Brake didn’t work well here.
  • Check on my GPS, the trail can go further up to Sg. Congkok. Feel like to try this later 😛

Some photos taken:

Signboard showing the waterfall direction
my trusted bike arrived the waterfall
Be carefull, very slippery
View of waterfall
Small Waterfall
GPS show the place located in Gombak Reserved Forest



3 Comments Add yours

  1. hi.. nice.. i came across the trail in a bicycle mag.. are there any downhills?

    1. Nazir Amin says:

      dont think is there a downhill track there. more likely suitable for XC or AM ride.

  2. JT says:

    Hi, is there any gps map which I can use to go from the trial head to the waterfall?

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