Final Upgrade.

On the trail

Completely upgrade my bike. Tested yesterday and today, it giving full satisfaction at the moment.

My Upgrade:

  • SRAM X9 GroupSet
  • Shimano Deore XT Brakeset
  • Shimano XT Rotor
  • Alexrims with Novatech hubs wheelsets
  • Maxxis Cross Mark Tyre
  • HT paddle
  • WTB Saddle
  • Rockshok Revelation Folk
  • Plus some small items which i cannot remember now

How much it cost? Let me keep by myself hehehe.

Show off the items here 😛

Fixing all the upgrades
RockShok Revelation Folk
RockShok Revelation Folk
SRAM X9 Shifter
SRAM X9 Crank
Shimano XT Brake
Shimano XT Brake
Alex Rims Wheelsets with Maxxis Type
Novatech Hub, 10 Speed SRAM X9 Cassette
Maxxis Cross Mark Type
Lizard Skin Chain Guard
HT Paddle
WTB Saddle





One Comment Add yours

  1. mark says:

    nak tnya……background ladang dalam gambar tu dekat mna bro??

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