Solo ride again@Frim

Basikal Ku
Basikal Ku

Back to FRIM again and solo ride too. No buddies no other rider. Just myself and trail.  Went during others busy at the office hehehehee..

Trail did explored:

  • Frim Entrance, Tarmac to Aromatica Trail (As usual my trail rading always start here)
  • Tarmac head to Jalan Bujang and clim up to Bukit Bujang Trail
  • Dream trail next down to Rover trail
  • Climbing up to Syabas trail and downhill at Pacat trail
  • Continue up back the steroid hill ( Tongkat Ali Trail) and Pinus trail up to helipad (Pinus Peak)
  • Heavy rain while climbing to Pinus Peak. Rest for a while and decided to turn back to car.
  • Down to Tongkat Ali Trail and take turn to Botani Park.
  • Hike the tarmac and back to parking area.

Not sure about total distance since i remove the speedometer. Btw this my very relax ride, enjoy the scenery and filling my leisure time with something hehehe..

Some images taken during the ride.

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. bijoor says:

    Nice trails! Looks like a great place to ride!

  2. Andy Boey says:

    Looks like a nice trail. Will it be too challenging for beginners? Just got my mountain bike for a couple of months and looking to try riding a trail for real.

    1. Nazir Amin says:

      No Andy.. good for beginner here.

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