Hiking to Mt. Dato

IMG_3301Back from Mt. Dato Recently.  Lucky enough we had very good day in Mt. Dato.

About Mt. Dato.
Height of this mountain about 884 meter above sea level. Located in Rembau Negeri Sembilan. (About 2hr++ driving south from Kuala Lumpur)


Getting There
Just use Google Map or Waze. Search for Hutan Lipur Gunung Datuk. I will navigate you to the entrance of this mountain.

Parking there very limited. People normally come for sunrise. We arrive a bit late during this trip(as plan) so we have to park quiet far. Have to walk about 1km to entrance of the trail.

Entrance Fee
They charge you for entrance. RM5 for adult (Local and foreigner) Kids and student bit cheaper. Not sure about it.

The trail
The trail consider as easy trail. If fit enough to climb to the top of the mountain about 1 hour+. And climb down less than 1hour. Trail quiet steep. about 30% to 80% steepness all the way from bottom to top. At the top section have to climb the ladder. which can be a bit scary but manageable.


View for top
I can say it offer breathtaking view top there(during clear day). We can see Malacca straits from the top. Some say can see Sumatera island when visibility is very good (i think is just myth now. due to our air is already poluted hehehe)

IMG_3305Some photo i like to share here

IMG_3287 IMG_3311 IMG_3308 IMG_3312


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