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  1. Agung Sf. K says:

    Boleh tanya Pak, lagi Galau nich, mungkin bapak pernah merasakan GS XT sama GS SRAM X9 kira-kira bagus mana Pak, soalnya saya mau upgrade, hanya bingung bagus mana ya??? Makasih infonya sebelum nya Pak Nazir Amin

    1. Nazir Amin says:

      Hi Pak Agung,

      GS XT udah di rasa. cuma sebentar aja. speda milik teman. agak bagus juga.

      Saya hanya pakai GS X9. So far saya amat berpuas hati dengan performance nya.

      Terima Kasih

  2. deffunk says:

    Hi, I just noticed your blog with your diving in Siau island in 2010, how was the diving ? From where did you organize everything and what did you have, own boat or what ?
    Do you know if there are now possibilities to dive on this island and to dive in all the other islands around Siau up north ?
    Do you intend to go there again for any kind of exploration diving ?

    Thanks for your response.

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