Mimic Octopus

Mimic Octopus(Thaumoctopus mimicus) is one of the popular animal diver requested when the diving in Lembeh Strait. The octopus have a capability to mimic more than 15 different species.Amazing huh!!.. To find this octopus require few skills. From far we can see it look like a mantis shrimp in a hole. By having long stick/pointer….

Glow in the dark underwater photography

Salam and Good day, Few friend had asking me on how do i take the florescent photo. I want to share the tool im using. Ican just refer them to here later hehehehe.. (malas nak ckp ulang2 hehehe) For more information about the filter please check http://www.nightsea.com Now my hand very itchy to get 58mm…

Florescent and UV Filter

This 2 days. I helping a group of researcher on their research of underwater florescent and UV filter. So i give a try to play with their toys and test it with my camera. Some shot i manage to capture today. 😛 As a return the gave me 1 set of the filter for me…

Getting The Sun Rays

Recently (with my G10). I start to experiment subject in a mid water(or in the blue) and try to get a sun ray background. To be honest is not easy to capture this kind of scene. But this can be solve by creating fake ray in Photoshop. Using Cloud and radial blue effect. (i had…

Another experiment with G10

Again, i have an opportunity to experiment with the camera again. Photo taken yesterday with my borrow G10 camera.

Understanding Canon G10

Actually not sure where to start. But now im exploring the camera. Try to understand the possible feature and limit of the camera. At the moment i did my experiment with less moving subject such Nudi and Coral. Maybe after get use with the camera exposure will try more challenging subject. My collection of Nudibranch…

Frog Fish Video

Video taken by diver friend Kat and Sepet last April. Amazing moment of frog fish hunting/feeding. Video remaking by rearranging video clip and effect, music and sound. Use black and white effect because too many camera shaking in a clip. Another video created by me for LS backyard Studip