Action in Motion

Im not sure what the exact technique for this kind of images. I just call it motion trail. The technique is blending/merge multiple pictures to get the subject motion & action. Below some shot that implement the technique.     Advertisements

Panasonic Lumix TZ-10 Tryout

Im Exploring the capability of compact camera underwater. Given opportunity to try out LUMIX TZ-10 by friend(thanks Kamal). The setup is simple, only camera and underwater housing (no strobe or any other extension). After take a while hand on the camera on land. So i bring down to play with it. Some of my shot…

Photoshop Got Crash….

My lovely application PS CS3 keep giving me program error message since yesterday. Start just during my design demo to customer. The message “could not complete your request because of a program error”, i cant open the design (luckily i had convert to jpeg previously hehehe… Finally manage to solve the issue. The following steps…

KLCC Park – Panorama

Salam.. Baru2 ni sempat pi outing kejap dengan Pak Itam kat KLCC.. try to create panorama. Satu jer yang menjadi. Yang lain2 hancuss… btw terima kasih to Pak Itam ajak pi outing and teh o ais limau.. click image to enlarge. 🙂

Puzzle Effect

Learn creating puzzle effect recently. Tutorial can be found here and i combine with the artistic photo frame on it 🙂 Original tutorial written by Steve Patterson

Underwater Photography Workshop @ Tenggol Island

Done my first photography workshop at Pulau Tenggol recently. Basically this not full workshop because the audience already have experience with camera and photography. I just touch some composition technique, HDR processing and photo editing technique and my personal Photoshop custom action. Plan to have another session in June(TBA) and July(Tioman Island) and October (@…

How to create a sunrays

Salam and Good Day, Again, i received some request of how do i make a fake sun rays. So here i want to share the step i have done. Enjoy 😛 That all. Now i already create my own sun rays using photoshop.Anyone have a question or suggestion about the tutorial can email me at…