Ulu Gombak Trail ( Sg Pusu – Kemensah)

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 6.50.38 PM
Trail Map

Recently invited by friends to explore this Ulu Gombak trail. The trail head start from Sg Pusu Gombak and finish at Kemensah, Melawati.

Distance about 22KM up and down hill. With few river crossing. I can say this one of enjoyable and easy ride. I dont mind to revisit this trail again.

Fact about the trial.
Distance : Approximately 22KMUphill section : Mostly is climbable. due to heavy rain the water drain formed. Kind of tricky to maneuver the bike. Push is much easier.
Downhill section : Not so much technical. But still must be very careful with water drain. Can easily endo if slip into it.. Some part have fallen bamboo tree which some of it near the trail. One friend accidentally hit the fallen bamboo and  got cut on the hand.
Thing to bring : As usual water, water, water. 2L-3L water should be sufficient(it hot season now) but if you dont mind to drink from the river. Just bring empty bottle should be ok.
Maybe food too. We end up having lunch in the middle of the trail.

Below some photo we manage to took during the ride (thanks umar for the photo)

our transport to transfer us from kemensah to sg pusu. yes we park our car in kemensah
getting ready
the trailhead
the trailhead. the development already happen here. soon will be housing area 😦
River crossing
River crossing
Some steep section. only for strong leg
some part we have to lift the bike
Clearing the trail
Group photo. 9 of us who jump into this troubles

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